A German Mathematician and Physicist Albert Einstein

Published: 2021-06-27 20:20:04
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Albert Einstein was a German mathematician and physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity, and was born in Wurttemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879. Albert Einstein was born at Ulm. Six weeks after Albert’s birth, his family packed up and moved to Munich, where he later began schooling at the Luitpold Gymnasium. After a while, Albert’s family gathered their bags once more and moved to Italy where he continued his studies at Aarau, Switzerland. In 1896, Albert applied and entered Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich where he began training as a Physics and mathematics teacher.During the year of 1901, he gained his diploma and also gained Swiss citizenship. Although he gained citizenship, he was unable to find a teaching position, which forced him to take a position as a technical assistant in the Swiss Patent Office. Later on in the year of 1905, he then gained his Doctor’s degree. Later in the year during his stay at the Patent Office, he produced much of his work and in the year of 1908, he was appointed Privatdozent in Berne. In 1909, Albert worked his way up to be called Professor Extraordinary at Zurich.In 1914, he was appointed Director of Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute and Professor in the University of Berlin. Einstein moved around and ended up in Germany and became a citizen until 1933 when he renounced his citizenship for political reasons. Because of these reasons, he emigrated to America to claim his position of Professor of Theoretical Physics at Princeton. After this movement/migration to the United States, he gained U.S. citizenship in 1940 and then later retired from his post in 1945.After this retirement, and after World War II, Einstein became a leading figure in the World Government Movement. Which later he was offered the Presidency of the State of Israel, which for some reason he declined and partnered with Dr. Chaim Weizmann in establishing Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Albert Einstein was very popular/ famous man in his time. He was most famous for his inventions and discovery. As a physicists, Einstein had many discoveries but was most known for his theory relativity and the equation E=MC2s. This equation foreshadowed the development of the atomic power and the atomic bomb.I chose Albert Einstein because he was a powerful man with a head full of grey hair. Einstein made many great discoveries and inventions that changed the lives of many people. I chose him because he is a well known mathematician all around the world. Einstein was the first person to pop up in my head when we were given this extra credit assignment. Because of some of his discoveries, we now have the atomic bomb and many other inventions. Albert Einstein was a great mathematician who changed the lives of many people.

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