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Published: 2021-06-17 17:15:04
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Marketing involves the process of educating customers why they should buy your products and service over your competitors. Studying marketing will open doors in your career as it’s an important department in many business companies. Finding a company without a marketing manager is rare. The skills and techniques you obtain from marketing can help you, later on, to pursue in a business related course, because you will understand the importance of customer relations, communication, and stakeholders involved in the business. Therefore choosing to study marketing will not only offer you opportunities to land you a good job but also it gives you the chance to further your knowledge by studying business-related courses.One thing I like about marketing is the fact that marketers will always be in demand as long as the field of economics and business exist.With marketing skills, the world of business will accommodate you well since you will be able to interact with customers whom I think are the most important element in any business.However marketing is not for everyone, it is an entertaining and rewarding career, but one needs to have a combination of several personality traits and character to make it in the marketing world. If you should have good communication skills and a friendly likable character to the different customers, you get a chance to interact with.In conclusion, in the marketing field, you interact with customers with all kinds of customers-this offers you the opportunity to get different ideas and experience that you would use in future to handle customers. As long as you are enjoying being in marketing, achieving your company goal will be a reality.

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