Aging Females Suffering Side Effects

Published: 2021-06-17 23:00:05
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ContentsStudies clearly indicate that many aging women are characterized of suffering from a number of major depressive disorders (MDD) or rather a number of clinical disorders. It is clear that women who have never at any given time diagnosed with depression might realize the experience and the symptoms at the time they are approaching their menopause or the symptoms can in other cases be related to non-normative and normative normal life stressors. This research was mainly conducted to determine the effects of early life stressors that was conducted longitudinally on the following major depressive disorders for aging women of around 60 years. The study discovers the trial to understand whether the exposure to stressors in the early life experiences can be a key consideration in a number of depressive disorders diagnosis.Specifically:The first is whether the stressors that are experienced during the early stages of life more especially the life of a woman can increase the chances for major depressive disorders during the time when they are aging?The sample that will be considered will include 560 females of age 55-76 in a total of thirty years and a follow-up of five interviews. The main factors that were assessed before the outcome include major depressive disorder, stress acquired in the marriage, stress acquire from a number of events that female experiences in their early age, and negative life events associated stress factors. The interview that was carried out among these women, was done by experienced individuals in this line of the profession in their homes. The 560 females in this research were from a unit of 750 randomly selected mothers who were asked the question concerning the behavior of a child in the year 1975 specifically in two parts of the upstate in the New York who were under the age of one to 9 in their particular homes. The follow-up questions were asked in 1983, 1986, 1992, and 2003.The percentage in connection the races of the women were as follows: 92% of the women were whites, 7% of the group were black women and the rest of the women considered as others. The women who were selected are from different ranks in regard to socioeconomic and the population of the women was composed of a representative of women who had children of similar age some Northern parts of the United States of America.Some of the factors that were considered are the negative life effects, the adversity among the children, and matters that related to stress in the marriage. Other considerations were the number of depressions that was experienced before, poor health in the early life of the children, the fact that the health status of the failing with increase in their age and what the women suffering at the current moment.RESULTSOne of the most important factors to be considered in connection with this study is the fact that chances of young women to experiences stress should be reduced significantly.The key results measured:It is very important to understand that there are a number of indicators in regard to depression. The study was mainly based on the major depressive disorders. The method that was mainly applied in the study was depressed mode in most of the time during the day and four attributions or symptoms in connection were discovered: loss of appetite, lack of sleep (one experienced difficulty in staying asleep), one feels tired always or difficulty in paying attention and several thoughts of suicide among the individuals in questions or in some cases the individuals were noted to have impaired judgement.Considering the interview that was conducted among the 560 women, it was clear that the early stress causing factors such as negative life events and marriage related stress were some of the major factors that contributed to the major depressive disorders among the aging women of age around 60 years.The time spent in conducting the study is what gives this study its strength, the fact that the data was first hand, the data was also collected trained interviewers in the line of profession and most important the fact that the interviewers also engaged in follow-up interviews. Considering that a number of women are from socioeconomic ranked makes the stressors less individualized. Whoever, the weaknesses that are related to this study is the fact that the sample of women that was interviewed was small and the data that was presented had not yet been confirmed. The other weakness in regard to this study is the fact majority of the women that were involved in the study were mainly the white and it was only mothers who were involved in the study. Therefore, it is not easy to justify the study since other races were not considered and women without children were also not considered.In conclusion, the fact that stress among women increases their risks of major depressive disorder as they get older is an implication that the stress is cumulative and if proper measures are not employed in order to identify, prevent, and treat the disorders, many women are likely to suffer at their old age. It is also important to understand that negative life events in the early age are likely to have side effects in regard to the health of women. This study is recorded to other people to make them clearly understand the effects of early life stressors and that they might end up having long effects in life. Therefore, proper measures should be applied to identify, prevent, and treat major depressive disorders. The future study that should be conducted should include a larger group of individuals, all races, and women both with children and those who are childless should be included.

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