Animal Cruelty and Testing in the United States

Published: 2021-06-21 09:25:05
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As the years pass, more and more animals are being terrorized and are being used for testing. The term “”animal testing”” refers to procedures performed on living animals for purposes of research into basic biology and diseases, assessing the effectiveness of new medicinal products, and testing the human health and/or environmental safety of consumer and industry products such as cosmetics, household cleaners, food additives, pharmaceuticals, and industrial/agro-chemicals (Humane Society International).‘Peta’ one of the many animal rights groups had only 18 members just four years ago. Now there are more than 23,000 supporters(Robins). The number of people in this group shows how much they want a stop to come to this. This isn’t a life or death situation for humans so I can see where others would be coming from for thinking that this issue isn’t a big deal. But it’s extremely big and needs to be stopped as soon as possible for the sake of these animals lives.The need to work on this issue is urgent because animals are being hurt. They are much like us in the way that they also feel pain, and it wouldn’t be acceptable to have humans strapped down testing products or putting chemicals on them to see how things go. So why would we sit back and let this happen to animals? I think it all boils down to the person’s morals. In my mind, nobody should just be okay with hurting a living thing, but I know in reality these things happen all the time and although we can’t stop it all, this is something we can. Things people are doing currently to try to help these animals is buying cruelty-free products. Cruelty-free makeup, hair products, skin care, etc. If more people would start buying these things that are cruelty-free eventually the companies that aren’t cruelty-free would start losing money and business and would either have two options. Those two options would be switching to cruelty-free products and get their customers back or to shut down their business. People are educating themselves more on the topic, so they can inform others. The more someone has facts and statistics on this subject the more convincing they could be when trying to get someone to make the switch to cruelty-free. Join animal activist groups such as Peta (People for the ethical treatment of animal), HSUS (The humane society of the United States), and Negotiation is over. Joining these types of groups would do so much more than just sitting back at home posting on your social media that this animal cruelty isn’t right but not doing anything about it. When you are making the effort to join a group and take a stand against something you believe in, you will make difference.Some of these groups may peacefully protest and donate a lot of their time and money to this problem. People should get involved because I think these animals feel just about the same as we do concerning pain and emotions and if we wouldn’t strap a human up and start doing tests on them, we definitely shouldn’t be doing it on innocent animals. People might oppose going cruelty- free or putting a stop to harming animals because they don’t want to take the time when shopping to stop and read to see if the product is cruelty-free or not. Or possibly just don’t really care what these animals are going through. It takes too much time and effort out of them, and in their mind, they probably have more important things to worry about. But when they are thinking they don’t want to take this time and make sure the product they are interested in is cruelty-free, they should think about all the animals being strapped down being tortured for this brand.It for sure is something morbid to think about. How animals are not treated fairly in the slightest, are being hurt and even dying, but maybe if people realized how bad that is, and how much everyone is just enabling it by still purchasing these products, we could stop spending our money on these items and put a stop to the anti-animal cruelty and end all animal cruelty and testing in the United States.

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