Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey

Published: 2021-07-05 21:55:04
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Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey were two influential African-Americans who tried to empower the black community economically and educationally. They each stood for the progression of African-Americans as a race. Individually, they each had different philosophies when dominance. Garvey often looked to Washington as a guide to go by as he starts his own plans to implement the betterment of his home country. Washington was an advocate for vocational studies. He believed that teaching these studies is one of the best ways to receive acclamation as a black person. Even though they shared a lot of the same ideas, they still had dueling views on where women would play a role in their plans.The Colored American Magazine, published from 1900-1909, is of great cultural, historical, and literary significance. Its editors and publishers included such prominent African American figures as Booker T. Washington and the novelist Pauline Hopkins, and it was one of the first general magazines to address itself to an aspirational and genteel African American readership. For much of its to start with four years, the magazine’s most beneficial supporter was Pauline E. Hopkins. Hopkins as well served as editor of the Women’s Portion beginning in 1901 and was assigned academic editor in May 1903. Hopkins’s commitments to the magazine included brief stories, genuine to life pieces, distributions, and three serial books.In both her fiction and her nonfiction compositions, Hopkins, in separate to some other figures joined to the magazine, was uncompromising in her assess of racial abuse in Jim Crow America, as well as in what she has seen as the moral shortcoming and racial paternalism of Northern liberals. Booker T. Washington and Pauline Hopkins really didn’t see eye to eye. In the article, “Furnace Blasts for the Tuskegee Wizard the Talented Truth”, showed Hopkins fight against Booker T. Washington’s ideology. She protested his way of going about his uplift of the black community and how he used the white people’s economic advantage to do it.

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