Depression in Psychology

Published: 2021-06-22 01:10:05
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ContentsDepression in psychology is a mood or emotional state that is marked by feelings of low self-worth or guilt and a reduced ability to enjoy life (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2018). A major depression is, a more extreme condition lasting weeks at a time, during which the person experiences little interest, pleasure, or motivation. (Kalat, 2017). About 20 percent of adults will go through depression sometime throughout their life. (Kalat,2017). Being sad and unhappy is what can lead one to become depressed.With depression being such a big issue in today’s world many studies have been done and there is not a true cause of what does cause depression. Depression begins when many things start adding up that can cause one to become depressed. A traumatic life event or a loss of a loved one can also cause one to become depressed. Depression is one of the worst feelings to feel. When one is depressed the feeling that you feel is absolutely horrible. Depression leads to the feelings such as: feeling numb, angry, sad, empty, worthless, feeling like it will never go away, and many more upsetting feelings. When being depressed many people say, they cannot even imagine anything that would make them happy (Kalat, 2017).There are many warnings that occur if one is experiencing depression. A big indicator if depression is sleep abnormalities, (Kalat 2017). Almost everyone who is going through depression will have a change in there sleeping schedule. Feeling sad or down is a number one symptom of becoming depressed. It is very common to not have an appetite and to continue to ask the question why. A good thing about depression is that typically, people have an episode of depression that lasts a few months (Kalat, 2017).
I personally have experienced depression and it was one of the worst things that I have ever gone through. I felt so much anger and sadness. I was only fifteen years old when I went through depression. A sophomore in high school experiencing depression was not what I imagined how a year of my high school experience would go. On April 24th, 2015 I lost my best friend and past boyfriend Oscar Fuentes.Unfortunately, Oscar died in a bad accident cliff jumping. What hurt the most and made me so angry was that it was not Oscars fault. A few buddies and Oscar all decided to go cliff jumping at the falls and Oscar wanted to be the first one to jump off, so he did! As Oscar started to resurface a boy who goes by the name of Ethan jumped off. Ethan ended up landing on top of Oscar.With the hard impact and direct force of Ethan landing on Oscar, Oscar’s neck was broken, and he began to drown. With his buddies being in a panic they were not able to find him in the 15-foot-deep swimming area. Eventually 911 was called and a professional diver was able to get Oscar out of the water. Unfortunately, Oscar was pronounced dead at the scene. I learned about Oscars death immediately because my next-door neighbor is a teacher at my high school and the entire high school staff was contacted quick. Hearing the words come out of Coach Sluder’s mouth did not seem real, and from that moment my heart was completely shattered.At age 15 trying to accept the fact that one of your best friends is gone is a complete joke. Since the day of Oscars death which was in April to about June I was in a state of depression. I went through really horrible things. I would literally lay in my bed all day and cry. I would keep my room dark and not ever want any light on or have any light come through the window. I vividly remember never feeling hungry I lost about 10 pounds because I did not feel hungry at all, I would also experience horrible migraines because I would cry all day and would not drink any water.A major feeling that I felt was guilt which is common in depression. I felt guilty because I thought I could have saved Oscar from going that day. I could have told him not to go to the falls, but I didn’t. I felt hopeless, and very empty. I hated going to school more than anything during this time period. For a while I felt numb and felt that it was never going to get any better. I had a really hard time with getting sleep because I would just think about what happened.One of the worst feelings in the world that made my depression turn into anger was the boys Oscar was with lied about the whole thing. Ethan lied to Oscar’s mom Diana that he did not land on him, and it was a huge mess. It was later revealed on video of what happened because Oscar set his phone up to record himself jumping off. Everything his so called buddies were saying was awful, at one point they wanted to just leave the scene without calling 911.With my depression turning into anger I knew I needed to channel that anger towards something because I finally began to accept that what happened, and I cannot take it back. During the middle of June, I was finally getting back into the routine of living my life. My family’s support and words had helped me the most with getting out of the stage of being depressed. I started hanging out with friends again and got back on the volleyball court. I channeled my anger about the situation on the court and that was something that helped out a lot! It took some time and acceptance to get me through the tragic event that happened.My reaction to this life changing traumatic event was very upsetting. I was very emotional, and nothing seemed to make it better for such a long period of time. This traumatic event had a very negative impact of my life for about two months. At the age of fifteen it is very hard to understand the concept of knowing that your best friend is dead, and he is not coming back. Seeing Oscars bruised up, cold, and blue body lay in the casket was very hard to see. With being so emotional and having such a negative look on the situation it caused me to become depressed.Eventually after a few months I was able to turn Oscars death into something very positive. I decided that I wanted Oscar to be able to live through me. I have become a better person since he passed. I have not only learned to cherish every moment but to live with no regrets. Going through a state of depression for two months really has changed me. I have learned many things and learned how to snap back into living a positive happy life.Britannica, T. E. (2018, May 18). Depression. Retrieved September 21, 2018, from
Kalat, J. W. (2017). Introduction to Psychology, 11th Edition. [Chegg]. Retrieved September 21, 2018, from

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