Domestic Violence: Advertisement in a Saudi Arabia

Published: 2021-06-21 08:35:04
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ContentsThis ad campaign was originally released in a Saudi Arabia newspaper. While much of the background is dim and black, a pair of brown eyes pierce though the bleakness. The scrip reads Some things can’t be covered. Fighting women’s abuse together. This advertisement was made due to domestic abuse not being a criminal offence in Saudi Arabia. The woman in this ad is wearing an all-black burqa, with only her piercing brown eyes showing. One eye has a bruised eye, with colors of red, dark brown and, a tinge of blue. Her eyes evoke a feeling of sadness for her. This is a great example of how domestic violence advocates can appeal to logos, ethos, and pathos.Domestic violence is something that most can say, that they have known someone who has been a part of domestic abuse. This advertisement has logos present because of the logical thinking it triggers your brain to do. It wouldn’t be logical for someone to look past domestic abuse, but the statistics for domestic abuse is nearly 20 people a minute are abused. 1 in 3 women have been abused by their partner. Often enough, domestic abuse is swept under the rug and ignored.How does the ad or commercial use authority or credibility? [ The burqa in this ad appeals to our sense of ethos. The King Khalid Foundation produced this advertisement to raise awareness of the domestic violence not only in Saudi Arabia, but around the world. Millions of calls are placed to domestic violence hotlines a year. Many countries do not have hotlines, or a safe place that victims of domestic abuse are able to go.How does the ad or commercial appeal to feelings? [This advertisement really uses pathos the most I believe. As a female, domestic violence has always been something I was made aware of and have witnessed throughout my life. By showing the raw truth of what this violence can do, emotionally you feel a connection with the woman in the ad. You feel a connection with this woman, she’s just like you, but has a black eye.

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