Down’s Syndrome Project

Published: 2021-06-28 11:30:05
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Brief Description: Some questions people may ask about Down Syndrome are “Is it Down’s Syndrome treatable?” The answer it no. Down’s Syndrome it not Treatable. No Drug or psychoanalysis can cure it. Down’s Syndrome it something you are born with. When you have Down’s Syndrome, that means that you have 47 chromosomes and not 46. When you have Down’s Syndrome, some common things they like to do is dance and sing and people who have Down’s Syndrome don’t care who watches. Each year in the US, about 6,000 babies are born with Down’s Syndrome and Down’s Syndrome occurs every 1 out of 700 babies. Another fact about Down’s Syndrome is older mothers are more likely to have a kid with Down’s Syndrome and the chances of having a baby with Down’s Syndrome gets bigger as the mothers get older.. These babies that are born with Down’s Syndrome have a 24 times greater chance to die in the first 28 days of their life then other babies. My Name is Jack. I am ten years old and I have from Down’s Syndrome. I am Allison’s cousin. When you have Down’s Syndrome, you have one extra Chromosome then everyone else. Since I have Down’s Syndrome, I may have some symptoms like having a short neck, decreased or poor muscle tone, and upward slanting eyes. But that doesn’t bother me at all. I also take a little longer to learn things because when you have Downs Syndrome, you learn things a little slower but I can still learn the same things as you. There are three different types of Downs Syndrome. There is Mosaic Down Syndrome, T21 which can also be known as nondisjunction Down’s Syndrome, or Translocation Down Syndrome. Today I will be taking to you about what I like to do everyday, what is the difference between the three types of Down’s Syndrome and what things people should know about people when they have Downs Syndrome. Many people think there is only one type of Down’s Syndrome. But there are three! The first type is Mosaic Down’s syndrome. Mosaic Down’s Syndrome is when only some cells have an extra Chromosome and the rest of the cells in your body don’t have an extra chromosome. The second type is nondisjunction Down’s Syndrome or better known as T21 Down’s Syndrome.This type of Down’s Syndrome is the most common type in the world for someone to have. When you have this type, it means that every single cell in your body has an extra chromosome attached to it. The third and last type of Down’s Syndrome is called Translocation Down syndrome. This type of Down’s Syndrome means that part of chromosome #21 becomes attached onto another chromosome. It also mean that parts of this chromosome breaks off to join another one. The type of Down’s Syndrome that I have is Translocation Down’s Syndrome. I like to do many things that other kids also enjoy doing. Things I like to do include singing, dancing around and acting out things. My mom also makes worksheets for me to do so I can understand what we do in school more and they also help me catch on to the things we learn at school. I really want to do good in school. Most kids with Downs syndrome love to dance like me. I dance everyday and I also like to watch TV, especially movies. I also love to read and I would eat pizza everyday if I could. It is so fun to dance. I even go to a hip hop dance class with my brother and sister. There are many things people might not know and should know about people with Down’s Syndrome. I may have poor judgement when it comes to judging things and I have a short attention period. I also sometimes have trouble with my speech, so I go to speech therapist to help me get better with my speech. But I also experience things that you experience like my feels get hurt and getting bullied. I also resemble my family more than anyone else. I am smart like you and I am beautiful. Not all kids with Down’s syndrome are the same. And I know that I am different and that is okay. I like being different and my Down’s Syndrome just makes me stand out. Kids with Down syndrome do best in an inclusive learning environment and I try my best everyday. Kids with Down’s Syndrome are good at learning by watching but they may not always take on board the finer points of making friends. You have to remember that kids with Down’s Syndrome are just like you. I may look and seem different, but we are all human and some people just have an extra Chromosome. I want to attend college just like you and I want to get a job too. So if you ever meet someone like me, go be their friend because we love to make new friends and have fun. You could even come join my dance party cause I would love to dance with you. So there you have it. There is a sneak peak into my life (movie coming soon!), some information about Down’s Syndrome, and the difference between the three different types of Down’s Syndrome.

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