Dual Island Trinidad and Tobago

Published: 2021-07-11 19:55:05
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Trinidad and Tobago is a dual island know to be close to the continent, South America. The country is located in the Caribbean most closet to Venezuela. Trinidad and Tobago is surrounded by smaller islands, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Paria. The islands surrounding include Barbados, Guyana, Venezuela, Grenada, and the Island nation of the West Indies. The dual island is northeast of Venezuela and northwest of Guyana. Trinidad is the larger island compared to Tobago. The two islands are about seven miles from the Venezuelan coast. The country, Trinidad, is approximately 1850 square miles (4800 square kilometers) while Tobago is smaller, being about 115 square miles (300 square kilometers). Tobago is twenty miles northeast to Trinidad, being relatively close.Trinidad and Tobago’s flag was acquired on August 31 in 1962. The flag is unofficially known as the sun, sea, and sand flag. Each color having multiple meanings, the flag has three colors including red, white, and black. Red standing for the sun, being a symbol for bravery. Also standing for the positive energy and vibes of the people of Trinidad and Tobago. While meaning the waters that surround the dual island. As well as meaning the purity, innocence, and the unity between the two islands. Lastly, the black representing the land of the country, and the commitment and loyalty the people of the land give. The flag also can be unofficially known as being the past, present, and future of Trinidad and Tobago.Trinidad and Tobago has an estimated population of 1.369 million people in 2017. In 2019, two years later, now having an estimated population of 1,374,849 million people today. The two islands are relatively small so this estimated population is to be expected. The demographics of the country are broken up into mostly two groups that being Africans and Indians. They two groups have been known to clash due to many reasons. The Africans identify as Christians while the Indians mostly identify as Hindus. The two groups are equal in numbers. Most of the dual islands population is located in Trinidad, having 96 percent to be exact, and Tobago having four percent of the country’s population. The growing rate per year has stayed the same over the last decade and a half, being at 0.03 percent. The country is ranked 154 in the worldwide population rank.Trinidad and Tobago is known to be a relatively warm country/ island. The dual island is normally very tropical with a high humidity, being that it’s closer to the equator. Tobago tends to be the island that is more cool, in terms of weather, being that it does bring more winds coming from the northeast. Along with that Tobago averages about 86°F (30° C) throughout the dry season of January through May. Trinidad on the other hand, is more on the hotter side. It has the same temperatures and weather patterns as Tobago, but Trinidad also can experience drought like conditions during the dryer months. During the wetter months, which is June to December, the two islands have a high amount of humidity daily. Although the dual island is located near the equator and Caribbean, the country is not in or at risk for an hurricane. Most likely, in the event of one the country will experience high winds, humidity, and rain at most.Since this country is located in the Caribbean, there are tons of different species, that also include some we don’t see here in the United States. The dual island has about 99 different mammals, and 470 bird species. The bird sanctuaries population, located in the country, have decreased since the 1970’s due to illegal hunting as well as pollution. Many of these exotic animals and vegetation are sought after due to it being so rare. Vegetation zones are located on both islands as well. Most reptiles located on the two islands include turtles, lizards, snakes, and crocodiles. The Paca or Lappe is the most searched for animal on islands. The nocturnal animal is relatively large, known and found in few areas throughout the world. It is listed as the second largest rodent in the world. The animal is known to be very shy and hard to find, which explains why it is so popular to find.The islands have tons of hogs, rodents, armadillos, porcupines, iguanas, etc. It is also known to have howler monkeys and ocelots, which are two rare animals as well.Religion in Trinidad and Tobago is narrowed down to two different groups, that being Christianity and Hinduism. The islands also have a few other religions, but the groups have a lesser impact and following of the people. Of those smaller groups, the religions include Catholicism, Anglicanism, Islam, etc. The Christian Worldview present in the dual island has many denominations that include Presbyterians, Methodist, Evangelicals, Pentecostals and Baptist. The Christian Worldview that has developed in this country has stemmed mostly from the history of the country. The enslaved Africans, that came from the Transatlantic Slave Trade, adapted the religion which was passed on to their descendants in today’s society. As in today’s society, there are multiple denominations which were bound to spread throughout people. Catholicism was developed in Trinidad and Tobago during the French and Haitian Revolutions when the French immigrated into the islands back in 17th century. Anglicanism and Protestantism stemmed from the British and their control of the country for several centuries. Indians brought over Hinduism and Islam, the Sunni and Shi’ites, after the transatlantic slave trade. The East Indians were also used as slaves after African slaves in the country were freed.The government in Trinidad and Tobago is a republic or parliament democracy following after the United Kingdom’s system of government. Meaning that “a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.” In this case, the dual island elected a new prime minister over the country in 2015, that being Keith Rowley. The country as recent as 2018 elected their first female president on March 19 in 2018, Paula-Mae Weekes. The president chooses a prime minister from the elected members of parliament. The elected prime minister’s job is nominate members for cabinet positions for the president. The Vice President of Trinidad and Tobago is Nigel De Freitas who has been in office since 2015. Parliament is split into two divisions, the senate and House of Representatives, similar to here in the United States. 41 representatives are in the House, and represent constituencies (counties or districts) for five years. Seats for the House of Representatives in Trinidad and Tobago’s capital, the Port of Spain, also know to natives as the Red House. In the latest election, the people’s two organizations, had 18 seats and 23 seats being the most seats taken in an election. In the senate, 16 will be elected with the help of the elected Prime Minister. The other six senator seats are given to the opposing side. Lastly, the last nine senators, who are identified as independent, and elected by the President. The judicial system of Trinidad and Tobago is known as a hierarchical judiciary system. Chief Justice elected by the help of the Prime minister and leader of the opposing side who then help the President come to a decision on who will uphold the role.Trinidad and Tobago was settled around 7,000 years ago by Arawak and Carib Indians, with tribes including Nepoya and Suppoya, in Trinidad. While Tobago had Galibi and Island Caribs occupying the land. The dual island has been identified as one of the earliest settled parts of the Caribbean. As we know, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean in 1492, Columbus also sailed to the Caribbean country in 1498 and found it to be settled with natives. About a century later, Europeans returned and settled. Sir Walter Raleigh invaded and destroyed one of the islands european villages, San Jose de Oruma, in 1595. The dual island was conquered by the Spanish following the invasion but was later seized by the British in 1797. Prior to the conquering events of the British, in 1781 the French invaded and damaged the island as well. The country throughout history was constantly being battled over by American Indian tribes, England, France, Spain, and Latvia, shifting in power close to 30 times.The transatlantic slave trade, which was a trade that transferred Africans from the coast of Africa to the Americas. The Europeans would use the middle passageway or the triangular trade route, African slavery in the islands was carried out by the British. This system of slavery benefited the economy which was one of the main factors at which why it lasted so long. The production of cotton, indigo, sugar, and tobacco, similar to the same productions in North America. This system of slavery used has had a lasting impact on the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. Once the abolishment of african slavery occurred, it helped the Africans but not the replacements they were looking for to keep the job going. This replacements were East Indians. This is where the separated views and ideologies between the two groups came from. Most recently the country gained is long deserved freedom from the British on August 31 in 1962. Trinidad and Tobago formed their government, followed after the United Kingdom’s, a republic.Overall, the country is a beautiful, warm-weathered, and historical country. It has a unique story that gives an idea on how the environment is in today’s society. The dual island has many exotic creatures, nice weather, and interesting foods. That includes foods like black pudding, gyros, corn soup, etc. many different interesting tastes that we don’t have here in the United States. This country was chosen in dedication to an FCHS student who is from this country.

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