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Published: 2021-06-17 07:30:05
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ContentsNeck pain is the second rated diseases among the complications that affect the spinal cord. It has been reported in a helps relax the entire body muscles and the mind too.“The simulation and manipulation treatment has helped in reducing death rates of women under this age and helped solve community problems.T-This mode of therapy has proofed to provide excellent results within a short period of four weeks. Our PICOT statement looks like: “Community women of above 45 years. I simulation and manipulation treatment (SMT)C“ Neck only simulation and manipulation treatment – Death rates.T- within four weeks.The clinic attendants are very eager and interested to know the research progress that is in a relationship and about patient care. PICOT is an important model which helps in carrying out clinical research. The model helps those utilizing it which include researchers and the clinicians and help them in communication and coming together to help solve related problems.[bookmark: _GoBack]Some considerations should be made in the treatment of neck pains under the PICOT program (Kaka, Ogwumike, Ogunlade, & Adeniyi., 2015). The treatment requires patients that are willing to adhere to the clinic orders and directions. The design above requires a variety of patients with similar neck problems to find out the efficiency of the PICOT program. The interventions are specific and should be administered by only clinicians to avoid doing a common work. Under this program, the patient is mostly depended upon in giving the outcomes of the treatment rather than taking the same patient through machine tests and evaluations. This idea is not hundred percent since patience sometimes gets tired of explaining to the clinician how they feel and getting the correct response for what they feel.The measurement of outcomes only occurs on a regular basis of every four months to identify the changes made by the neck pain patients. The research, as discussed in this article, is always important to look into the efficiency of PICOT model and relate it to other findings probably by a different researcher. The literature search above has identified the existing neck pain research and conclusions that were completed through Simulation, manipulation, and treatment (SMT) method. The PICOT method allows for enough and systematic study since it gives information on the target population apparently on the P which stands for the community. It also gives room for the researcher to outline the interventions or methods to be employed in providing the treatment. This section allows the doctor to study the effectiveness of the process administered and make possible changes if need be. The outcomes are also keenly looked at if they are unusual, then proper medication is administered. The timing of research is also critical to ensure that the time used is not significant to give biased results or too little to giving unrealistic results. The method proofed to be effective in that it reduced the death rates tremendously.ReferencesEchevarria,? I.? M., & Walker,? S. (2014). To make your case, start with a PICOT question.? Nursing,44(2), 18-19. doi:10.1097/01.nurse.0000442594.00242.f9Echevarria,? I.? M., & Walker,? S. (2015). Start with a PICOT question to make your case. Nursing Critical Care,? 10(3), 14-16. doi:10.1097/01.ccn.0000464307.39978.1aElias, B. L., Polancich, S., Jones, C., & Convoy, S. (2015). Evolving the PICOT Method for the Digital Age: The PICOT-D.? Journal of Nursing Education, 54(10), 594-599. Kaka,? B., Ogwumike,? O.? O., Ogunlade,? S.? O., &Adeniyi,? A.? F. (2015).Effects of neck stabilization and dynamic exercises on pain, disability and fear avoidance beliefs in patients with non-specific neck pain a randomized clinical trial. Archives of Physiotherapy and Global Researches, 19(3), 17-29. doi:10.15442/apgr.19.2.14PICOT, S.? J. (1995). Rewards, Costs, and Coping of African American Caregivers.j Nursing Research,? 44(3), 147-152. doi:10.1097/00006199-199505000-00004PICOT,? S.? J. (1995). Rewards, Costs, and Coping of African American Caregivers.? Nursing Research, 44(3), 147-152. doi:10.1097/00006199-199505000-00004`

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