Generation Differences

Published: 2021-07-17 00:20:05
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The difference between generations is due to the difference in life values ??that are formed when a person simply adapts to the conditions and circumstances in which he lives. Times change, and values ??change with them. Each of the generations has its own interests and its own fears, and with the change of eras, even the diseases inherent in generations change, let alone the habits and attitudes towards others. Of course, in the comparison of generations below there is also a share of a joke, but, as you know, in every joke …“Greatest” and “silent” generations The term “Greatest Generation” was created to refer to Americans who lived during the Great Depression and fought in World War II, but then it spread to everyone born from 1900 to 1923. Thomas Brokaw, who coined the term, said that this generation is the greatest that ever lived, hence the name. These people have gone through a lot in our country: they captured several revolutions, the Civil War, collectivization and repression, the Great Patriotic War … This formed their life values.As for the “silent” generation, these are the grandparents of most of today’s 30-year-olds, people born from 1923 to 1945. The Second World War also left its mark on them, and Stalin’s repressions did not go without. Why is the generation “silent”? Because they perfectly know how to control themselves and be silent about anything – the circumstances developed in such a way that it was necessary to behave modestly, and any rash step could seriously affect their life and the life of their family.Both generations are patient, law abiding and very conservative. Most of all, they love to read, with the digital age they are not on their way – after all, these people are over 73 years old, and some have passed 90. They prefer to communicate by “old-school” correspondence, a computer is needed as much as possible to communicate with relatives.Baby boomers People born in 1946-1964, who are now 54-72 years old, became so called because of the post-war boom in the birth rate. The psychology of the winners is about them, they believed in their country, like no one else ever, and it was they who conquered space and built the BAM.It is believed that this is the generation of optimists who value curiosity the most in others. They prefer to travel to other countries, well, and do not mind watching TV – it is he who is an iconic technology for them. They prefer to communicate by calls, not by correspondence, and most of all they are afraid of ceasing to be in the spotlight. They like to self-medicate, prefer natural products, try to remain active and inquisitive until old age, often religious, and also, among them, there is a large percentage of workaholics.Generation X People from 1965-1980, now 38-52 years old, are called as yet unknown generation. They were strongly influenced by the era of changes in society and politics: society learned about drug addiction and AIDS, divorces became popular, the cold war continued in the world and the war in Afghanistan began, they also captured the era of stagnation. Difficult and unstable times that left their mark on Generation X – they early became independent, pragmatic, and strove for independence.

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