How does the Contraction of HIV Effect the LGBT Community

Published: 2021-07-07 18:05:04
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ContentsHIV and Homosexuality have been closely linked together. Society almost always put the two in the same pot. HIV has had a major impact in the LGBT community some have label the beginning part of this epidemic as the gay plague. Not only has HIV impacted the health of the LGBT community but also societys view on the already defamed group of individuals.What is AIDS and how is it spread? Around the globe, AIDS has been a best executioner for some individuals all through the twentieth century and is spread various ways. Researcher have been working diligently for a considerable length of time to discover a remedy for AIDS, however just have possessed the capacity to discover approaches to treat it.AIDS, which represents Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, is a human viral ailment that adulterates the safe framework, closing down the body’s capacity to safeguard itself from contamination and illness. Brought about by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), AIDS leaves a contaminated individual subject ready to diseases. Most diseases are innocuous in sound individuals, however individuals with AIDS can kicks the bucket from those equivalent contaminations. There is no remedy for AIDS, yet there are drugs accessible to drag out life expectancies and enhance the nature of tainted individuals. Somebody who is contaminated with HIV doesn’t generally have AIDS, as the savage ailment occasionally takes at least 10 years to increase to that life-threatening stage.The most widely recognized approach to contact and spreads HIV is by engaging in sexual relations with a contaminated individual. Genital, Anal, and Oral sex all put you in danger of getting HIV. The infection is in the tainted individual’s vaginal liquids or semen. It advances into the circulatory system by going through openings in the mucous layer, which is the tissue that covers within the mouth, vagina, and rectum. HIV is regular in all people however most normally transmitted through gay men in the United States and Canada. HIV among hetero people is expanding as the years go on.The LGBT community alone battles with society because they’re not accepted due to society standard of liking the same gender But, gay men themselves receive more hatred than lesbians. With society having this problem most men sneak around with another male and sometimes that male has contracted HIV and don’t even know. With this happening, this causes the men to sleep with others and not know their status, so this problem continues to spread. Sometimes this problem is spread with notice because individuals feel as if they owe somebody else the same disease that they contracted or their either scared to speak up because they feel as if they’re not going to be accepted. Researchers took a survey about gay men and the discrimination the receive now than earlier years. Most gay men receive racial slurs more now and even beaten because of the preferred likings than back years ago because men are being more open about it now.According to Verywellhealth, “In the United States, gay men are at a disproportionately high risk of getting HIV and AIDS. Between 2010 and 2015, 68 percent of HIV infections affected men who have sex with men. The risk is even higher for gay men of color” (Elizabeth B 2018). Scientist has researched and estimated that HIV transmissions rates during anal sex are 18 times higher than vaginal intercourse. In the later generations, the lack of education of carrying about health has fallen a tad short. The reason for the rate of HIV transmission being higher for anal is because their more engaged in something called “topping” and “bottoming” which increases HIV transmission for men.All races are always at risk for HIV but, the most common race to be at a higher risk of HIV are black men. Black men are three times more likely to have HIV than any other race (Elizabeth B 2018).Dark men are destined to utilize drugs amid sex. Additionally, dark men need medical coverage more than some other race because of destitution issues being higher. These sorts of issues result in unprotected sex and that is the reason dark men today are in danger than some other race. Experiencing childhood in Florida and living in a standout amongst the most HIV contracted urban areas on the planet, (Orlando), being the fifth most elevated appraised city on the planet, you would figure people would take their wellbeing increasingly genuine so they won’t be another person who gotten the infection be that as it may, most take a gander at it as a joke. African Americans take things like this as (it’ll never transpire) when we’re one of the most astounding races to contract HIV.

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