Living in Poverty Vs being Rich Compare and Contrast

Published: 2021-07-15 06:05:06
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Normally we see such huge numbers of people around. Some people are poor and some people are rich. Apparently everything appears to be extremely casual to us however if we want to analyze these two classes of rich and poor individuals, we become more aware with the moments that unimportant things which a poor misses throughout his life and those tiring evenings which rich individuals don’t get the chance to spend. In today’s world, the difference between the rich and the poor is increasing broader every day. The poor is becomes poorer while rich becomes richer.“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor.” Sholom Aleichem. People work so hard in their life but still they think life is very unfair with them. We feel we worked so much and yet our income is not enough to buy a shirt for oneself. On the other side of coin, some people who don’t even do anything, any work and they get all luxury. There is huge complication in both versions of life. Poorer people don’t realize what it feels to rest in an air-conditioned room; they never charmed in a long drive on luxurious car.There children don’t know how the big restaurants food tastes. Rich are honored with such extravagances and poor battles for his entire life to figure out how to get everyday bread for his family. The poor might have small pockets that they cannot buy everything they want but for sure they have biggest hearts. Some rich people only cars about their wealth, their luxurious life their reputation. Rich people do not motivate others they always care for their selves. While poor who battle to survive their life to accomplished their dreams they understand other people feelings help them to accomplish their dreams. Poor people are loaded up with expectation and the passion to help other people what they need.People, who look for work, cash, and satisfaction, yet were looked with numerous hardships in their life. The people who could make it to their goal meet to fulfil their desires they attempted their best to help those needing assistance. Being rich make people intemperance their qualities and values and be blinded by the reality that there are others in this world who are not all that well off as you and who need assistance.I have experience both phases in my life how the life is when you are rich and when you are poor. When we were rich people used to give us such huge respect. Play with you, with your toys, like to study with you and hangout with you in their free time. We had a luxurious life in the past. Car that can easily take on the place where we wanted to go never expense busses and cab rides. Food that always had great taste and if ever wanted to eat something else can order from restaurants. For every occasion we had beautiful branded clothes. Our vacations always were in different countries. Private schools, big cellphones, tablets, branded shoes, clothes everything were so perfect. We never realize our life without that. But you never know where life cans you in next minute or second. A huge crisis came into our life which suddenly changed everything, every single thing in our life.Actually poverty shows the real world that other people are also living same life yet they are so satisfied with their life which we were not we had everything in terms of asset but not actual happiness. Our parents gave us all required things but they never spend their quality time with us. We siblings were always busy with our parties and electronic things we did not play games together we didn’t share our stuff together we did not care for each other. That all realizations came when we had poverty we lived in one bedroom apartment shared each other clothes, space, books, food, shoes ideas, thoughts and feelings that makes our bond so strong . We laugh together, we cried together, we support each other in that hard time. We eat healthy homemade food the taste that mom has given in all food her love and care which we didn’t get in any expensive restaurant. It was totally okay if we didn’t had other country vacations we enjoyed that best time talking to each other, share moments with each other for hours and hours and neighborhood park and lake.We see actual faces of people because we were poor we didn’t have money to entertain others they ignored us. They denied spending time with us which gives us realization that family is everything to you other are temporary joy in your life. In your bad and good time only your parents siblings will smile and cry with you. Other people always find their own benefits we learn to thank to God for all blessing. I realized for that people who survive every day for these basic needs clothes, shelter, health education, they faced a lot of difficulties to get basic needs but still have a big smile because they believe in that they will achieve their goals. They have humanity, love, unity all those are big strength to live happy life. Being rich isn’t all about money, living a luxurious life. It’s about well-being, abundance, having time, success, and the right mindset. Bill Gates once said, ‘It’s not your fault if you were born poor, but it’s your fault if you die poor.’        

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