Making Higher Education Affordable

Published: 2021-07-03 22:20:05
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Education is crucial to make the future generation surpass the ongoing society. Although, education is a must, schools come with a price. Especially, colleges are relatively higher in fees. The United States Senator Bernie Sanders discusses what he believes America actually needs to become great: High-quality higher education delivered to citizens for free (Sanders, 2017). College education should not be free as it increases the opportunity for higher quality schools, their variety and amount of institutions. College education should not be free because it will decrease students motivation and hardworking mood, will affect taxpayers and it will have a huge effect on the quality of education in a bad way.Firstly, college should not be free because students paying for their education tend to have increased motivation and ambition towards their particular course. It is important that students should always be positive and concentrated on their work. Tuition may add to continuity as students would think twice before quitting their four-year education due to the financial aspect, or, the cost incurred. Therefore, tuition may create enough pressure on students to be more disciplined, respectful and hardworking while achieving their goals during their college education. As shown above, this will help students to gain new habits and will benefit them in a valuable way of learning.Secondly, university education should come with a price because people who argue that college education should be free, actually create a frustrating situation for taxpayers. Instead of students paying for their own education, taxpayers pay for it. The government or state needs to finance public/ “free” universities as there will be no income generated from these entities. Therefore, the government or state will need to generate extra income by raising taxes on a state level or government level. This will cause an additional burden to taxpayers. Another issue could be that the government or state will establish fewer universities. For example, in the USA you may see twenty to forty universities in one state, most of which are private. You will not be able to see this situation in a country or state where the universities are public. That’s where scholarships come in. If a student genuinely desires to attend college, he or she will put in whatever it takes to make it happen. In other words there are ways to make college tuition affordable.Thirdly, college education should be paid because if the government funds range narrows down, the quality of colleges may decrease. In countries where there is a high budget deficit, or funding is scarce, money allocated to the education system may become limited. This will, in turn, affect the quality of university programs, with less variety of classes, less technology, fewer professors. This could end up decreasing access to higher education rather than increasing it. For example, students who study may not access a laboratory or a high-quality computer system or even an adequate library. This would cause students to fail because of the limited sources. It is important that a university provides students needs and offers numerous sources to them in order to increase the quality of education.In conclusion, it’s important to make students understand they have responsibilities and goals. Students should work hard for something they want and not expect everything to be handed out. “All things come with a price” (Brom, 2018). College is a prime example. Although at first free college seems like a good idea it will cause many problems as it goes on. For instance, students motivation and desires will vanish, taxpayers will have a hard time and the quality of the education will decrease. Therefore, Bernie Sanders should try to make education more affordable rather than making it free.

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