Marianas Trench

Published: 2021-06-18 00:00:05
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Mariana trench is the bottomless portion worlds waters and it is positioned west of the Philippines Pacific??™s. Mariana Trench is located 200 kilometers in the eastern part of Mariana Islands. Mariana Trench appears like a crescent-shaped scar crust in the outside of the earth and its measurement are approximately 2,550km long and 69 km wide. Its depth is about 10,994 meters at an opening designed valley in its floor t its southern end which is known as Challenger Deep.Nevertheless some measurements record that Marianas Trench depth is about 11,034 meters. However if mount Everest which appears to be the highest point on earth is thrown down into the Mariana Trench, its peak would be about 1.6 underwater. Mariana Trench is a fragment of a worlds network of subterranean channels that runs across the oceans floor. This happens when two tectonic plates strike hence one plates diving under the other into the globes layer hence creating an ocean ditch. Nevertheless, Mariana Trench is currently a sheltered zone and is considered a portion of Marianas Trench Marine National Monument which was recognized by President George W. Bush.Additionally, certifications such as studying the monument involving the Sirena Deep have been protected from the U.S fish and Wildlife Services. Warrants for investigation in the Challenger Deep have also been protected from the Federated States of Micronesia. Nevertheless, due to its depth, the Mariana Trench is found to be extremely dark and the temperatures are slightly above freezing.In history, it has been found that the Challenger Deep have been descended only once and that was about 50 years ago. This was done by Jacques Piccard and Navy Lt. Don Walsh who participated in the U.S navy submersible namely Trieste. However after the succession, they only spent less than 20 minutes at the bottom and did not even manage to shoot any pics. Conversely despite the fact that these navy members were able to dive in the Challenge Deep and were able to proof that life can exist in the Mariana Trench, there is no enough evidence to whether there are fish living there.

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