People with an Addiction have a Mental Illness

Published: 2021-06-19 22:55:04
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6.8 million people with an addiction have a mental illness. When people think about addictions they automatically think about a drug addiction. Although it is the most common addiction in America, there are plenty of other addictions. For example, Food addiction, video game addiction, working addiction, and an exercising addiction just to name a few. An addiction is abusing the use of a substance and that can be bad for you if you use too much of it. There are many reasons people suffer with addictions. People with drug addictions versus other addictions are treated different, and consequences vary per substance. Addictions may not sound so bad but it can lead to very severe conditions if you do not get it situated. People with drug addictions are treated like criminals.Drugs are terrible, they are part of the reason as to why crime rates are so high today. Drugs are not good for society as a whole, so that is how come individuals place an image on drug users They automatically think since drugs are terrible, the people who use them must also be terrible and are up to no good. Instead of consulting them and helping them understand what the consequences could result in, they rather judge. When someone who is addicted to drugs gets thrown in jail, it is not a big issue. The person is just another drug addict stating that as if they are a criminal. These views need to be changed in order to further society. Some drug addicts never even committed a crime outside of the actual usage of the drugs. Therefore, society feels like throwing an addict in a prison cell is the best thing for society rather than helping the person get through the problem, and understanding why they are doing the drugs in the first place. Drug addictions should be regulated the same way as other exotic addictions because other addictions are just as addictive as drugs and addictions are bad for you, and it can lead to serious problems

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