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Published: 2021-06-29 15:50:05
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ContentsFacebook is an American social networking service founded 14 years ago that is on February 4th, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg headquarters in California.We can create an account in Facebook with email id and password and upload the pictures, videos. Facebook is also linked with other products like Messenger, it’s a messaging application used for chatting. As of June-2018, Facebook had 2.23 billion monthly active users: who have login Facebook for one month. Day to day number of new users are also increasing.The data which we upload are stored in the database. If a user dies, then that user account and data can be used for their family members for the memories. It is database which contains user personal data and public data.Suppose a user dies, his/her account can be used by their family members to know how they lived the life, memories can be shared.Its acts as medium for information transfer between many generations.We do not know how our ancestors lived many years ago, using applications like Facebook helps us. Some data in the Facebook database like personal basic details and status of the usercan be shared to various other departments which helps for statistics and to find the user personal details id some got caught in any criminal cases and other.1. Availability to next generationsAs a purpose of making the dead people memories data can be made as available to other generations.2. Managing dead people data.To manage dead people separate database servers can be used and it can be update on schedule.Data is already stored in the Facebook servers and a primary method would be to refrain from deleting the accounts of dead people.It is also important to get to know about the inactive accounts that are caused due to the death of the account holder. This can be achieved by letting people to declare one more person other than himself who will be notified in case of inactivity and who can let the Facebook team know that the account holder is not alive or just stopped using Facebook.These data centres can be managed effectively by using the new distributed database concepts and can be distributed globally.Cloud databases can also be used to store these data and can be utilized effectively.There is a need to hire some extra staff to manage the datacentre and we need to maintain an administrator so that people are notified in case of inactivity and necessary action can be taken.Money is required to buy the data centre equipment and its operating costs.Generally, it costs $420 USD per Month for the following configuration to handle 10 TB of data:Xeon?® Processor E3-1230 (8M Cache, 3.20 GHz)Quad Core with Hyper Threading8-9 GB RAM12 TB HDD Enterprise Class drives SATAII12 TB/ Mo. BandwidthBased on the usage of data server additional servers can be purchased.Without deleting the dead people accounts with the help of other database servers data can be moved so that it helps in data mining and analytics as well as it makes many memories for future generations.

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