The Abuse of Alcohol

Published: 2021-07-05 13:45:05
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ContentsEach and every day across the world people fail to perceive the effects /out-turn of alcohol abuse may have on their lives as well as their beloved. Alcohol abuse comes with many different motives in attribution of negative energy / influence. It may result to harsh consequences that may sabotage individual’s bright future. Alcohol is known to be the most factor globally that is highly rated to be the most used and abused and more especially by students at a tertiary level.Alcohol is not the main issue but being alcoholism, is. As an individual I agree that the consumption of alcohol in a social setting is absolute acceptable as long the person drink responsible and does not make it an every day activity. The problem with alcohol kicks in when one start to misuse the drug developing excessive alcohol-related habits. According to alcohol facts and stats the misuse of alcohol by students ranges from the age of 18+.Most students tend to turn a blind eye on the danger of alcohol abuse. Reasons students gives out in attribute of alcohol are as follows: Peer pressure, hanging out / or engaging with people who also consume alcohol. Fitting In, wanting to be part of a certain group of friends to avoid loneliness. To reduce stress / worries it can be relationship / financial / family history / academic stress for example he/she not performing well. For the state of boredom so they turn to alcohol as means of getting excitement / joy out of their lives not realizing that they are shutting down the light of their future and as well as reducing the days of their lives here in the universe.The consequences that follows are so harsh and brutal that may result in different phases, whereby students can be affected emotionally, physically, psychologically and so on. Prolonged and excessive drinking is associated with many health problems. This include unmeant injuries such as car crash and deliberate injuries such as sexual assault, domestic violence and campus rapes. Students do not invest most of their time on their studies by doing so, they end up being dropouts since they cannot handle the load /pressure that comes with academic stress. Suicide happens to be their option to run away from the disappointments they will give to their parents and themselves.Let’s not hang our dreams but hang the bottles. It starts with oneself to do an introspection on what is good and bad for you. As a person you need to have a vision that will drive you to your end goal.Stand tall to set a mark for the next generation and continue to live your life to i

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