The LGBTQ Community History

Published: 2021-07-10 21:50:04
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The LGBTQ community has been a very controversial thing lately due to some people not accepting them because they think it’s not right for them to transitioned to different gender and sex. In the other hand, there are people who accept them just because they are different and there times we have to embrace them no matter what. The LGBTQ community would face many different kinds of challenges from politics, religion, jobs, schools, and etc. The LGBTQ community had faced many different kinds of challenges and they tried fight for their rights. How does the LGBTQ community any up coming challenges in the future.Who does support them and how does it affects others around them. Things that we need to know about the LGBTQ community is that they want to have people to be successful with the same resemblance that can be related to the same gender and race. The LGBTQ community wants be treated like any other people with equal rights and not be discriminated by others. The LGBTQ community history is really valuable important in our society, which we should learn about them more. The LGBTQ community are fighting for their lives because they wanted to have the same rights like everyone else. Not only that they wanted to be accepted no matter the decision that they are making even though it can be really painful for their families or friends because they wanted to transition to a different kind of gender and sex. The L means Lesbian, G means Gay, B means Bisexual, T means Transgender, and Q means Queer.Also, there are lots of genders and sex Before the LGBTQ community started let me tell you a history of how people were treated of being gay and lesbian during the 1920s. People who are gay or lesbian were treated like they never existed because people never heard about being gay or lesbian and people were scared to open up about their sexuality and gender . If they did tell them that they were gay or lesbian, people would treat them very differently or they would judge them. It was hard for them to tell other people like families and friends about their gender. The LGBTQ community all started in the 1950 when the word “ transgender” wasn’t used during the 50’s. There was a person named Christine Jorgensen who had an idea about transitioning from a man to a woman during the post-World War 2. Also, people said he was the reborn of being “ blonde bombshell ” and it was the symbol of the 1950’s white feminine sexuality. The idea of transitioning from a man to women or women to a man was very conversation in America.In 1951, there were several gay men, many of these people would launched a seasoned labor activist and Marxist. Also they would make an gay radical organization called the “homophile”. Their membership would grow about several years and their organization would curves through the Cold War, which was being being pressured. Their organization would denounced their radical Marxist roots and they would declare their allegiance to the United States. The movement was relatively only white, middle-class, and they are moderate politically. They would encourage their members to a gender-uniform attire and to avoid the overt displays of their sexuality and would conformed a non-gender mannerisms and attitude which puts them to a more conservative end of the political spectrum during the mid-1960s.In the mid 60’s, the moment continued to grow for the White, middle-class, and the politically moderate ( despite of having their same Marxist roots), the members of the organization were given some type of clothing so they can avoid overt displays of their sexuality and the non-gender people would confront them with mannerism and a attitude that would put them on the more conservative side of the political spectrum. During 1969, the LGBT would fight against the police raids in the Stonewall Inn on a hot summer night. There movement would become the being of a modern movement of the LGBT. The people would make themselves visible and was organizing politically over for nearly two decades. The challenges that LGBTQ community would face many challenges can be discriminatory or unfair for them, from schools, jobs, politics, and more.Why some people would treat the LGBTQ community really bad because they problem don’t like them working in their jobs or they are probably scared of what others would think if they let a transgender person work in their jobs, which can ruin the reputation of the job. The kids who are gay or lesbian would get bullied by other people, which is a serious problem for them. The LGBTQ would try to fight for their rights from politicians because there would be some politicians that don’t like them and they don’t support them. In the other hand, there would other politicians that likes their community and they would support them, like President Barack Obama who allowed same sex marriage bill to pass on June 26, 2015. It was a big deal for the LGBTQ community because they wanted to express their love to the people with the same sex.There were people who are happy with that and there were people who aren’t happy with it. Also, there some states doesn’t allow same sex marriage, even though the bill was passed.At that time it was a very controversial bill to everyone. And Kids who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender would get bullied by other students. It’s a big problem to our society today. Why they get bullied by other students because parents might tell their kids to not hang out with them. Kids who are gay or lesbian would mostly likely go suicidal. There was a statistic that explains about the gays and the lesbians youth are 2 to 6 times would go suicidal than the heterosexual due to school bullying. Little over than 30% of all reports on teenagers who committed suicide are likely the gays and lesbians.About 30% of the gays who are male would most likely have a high risk an alcohol problem. The only way we can help the LGBT community is to understand the concept of what their community is about and what they are fighting for. It is really sad how the community had to face during school or other places due to people getting bullied because of their gender and their sexuality. The LGBTQ would face many challenges from their workplace because they discriminated of their gender and their sexuality. On 2018, there was a very controversial ban that Donald Trump did of the gays and led who are joining the military or in the military because he thinks that these types people shouldn’t join in the military and this made the LGBTQ community really upset of what he did.On April 22, 2019 there was Supreme Court hearing about LGBTQ trying to get their protection and equal rights from being discriminated from jobs that will try to put them down just because of their gender and sexuality. The Supreme Court has accepted three kind of cases that are anti-discrimination law that protects the person from their sexuality orientation and their gender identity when they are working. This case puts the Supreme Court on high profits of the LGBTQ community because they have lots of issues. There were two cases that the Supreme Court looked at which is Bostock v. Clayton City and the Altitude Express, Inc. v. Zarda both of these cases that the Supreme Court were consolidated because both of the victims were both discriminated by their sexual orientation. There was another case that the Supreme Court looked at was R.G. and G.R. Funeral Homes v. EEOC, in this case it talks about whether existing discrimination laws would applies to transgender workers. These are one of the biggest cases in the Supreme Court because it is very controversial to the transgenders because they would get discriminated.The Supreme Court was allowed to petition for writs of certiorari for three cases that the court had to look at. They are also added to their workload for the termt that will be scheduled on October. The court would set limits the case that they are looking at. The court would review the Harris Funeral Homes, that case would only limit the question to only whether the Title VII was violated discrimination against the transgender people that is based on their status of the transgender or stereotyping them under the case of Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins case. The Title VII is part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that protects the person from getting discriminated based on the person’s race, color, religion, sex, and he or she nationality. With out that Act people would be discriminated and it is not good because would make stereotypes that person or sometimes they don’t hire that person just because they are different, but themselves.In my opinion, it is good to have some type of protection that prevents other people to be discriminated. There was a another article that talks about Mormon churches letting the LGBT couple baptized their children, but the church doesn’t allow sanctions of same-sex marriage. The church called Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ are allowing the LGBT couples to their kids to baptized, in my opinion that’s some great news for them. The church quoted: “ We want to reduce the hate and contention so common today” ( Jesus Latter-day Saints’ priest) and there was another quote from them and the priest of that church said,“ We are optimistic that a majority of people- whatever their beliefs and orientations -long for better understanding and less contentious communications.” ( Jesus Latter-day Saints’ priest).In my opinion, it is a great idea that the priest of a Mormon church is letting the LGBT couples baptized their child because it shows the priest of that church cares about anyone and it’s doesn’t matter if you are in the LGBTQ community they will still accept you for baptizing your child. There was a recent news about Donald Trump wanted to ban the transgender people for joining or whoever is in the military, that ban on the transgenders has caused an uproar for many transgender and many other people in the community. There was a Supreme Court decision on January and the pentagon had confirmed on April 15 that their ban on the transgender people who joining the U.S. Naval and any other service academies would go effect on the fall of 2020. In my opinion, it’s really sad how our president would ban the transgender people joining or who are in the military because he thinks having them in the military wouldn’t be a good idea. The transgender people had help us protect this country and I think our president shouldn’t do that them to because it’s not right.Counting of the Supreme Court decision of banning transgender people hoping to join any branch of the military, the court wanted to see how the Naval Academy would think about the transgender and the diversity can make them not comfortable having them around the military. The thoughts of having them has been a big debate within in the U.S. military about having the transgenders in service. They think it’s a difficult issue for these kind of question, so the U.S. Naval would do more experiments on letting the transgender people still in the Academy and try to investigate these kinds of things. In my opinion, the U.S. Naval shouldn’t ban or discriminate the transgender people because they have been serve our country. I think people should have equal rights no matter your gender. In Lebanon, there was a court appealed that upheld a ruling on July. In these article an adult who was involved in same-sex conduct and it was not an unnatural offense which had rippled through the Lebanon LGBT community.Lebanon issued a article called Article 534 of the Penal Code, the French had issued a mandate on Lebanon to ban “ sexual intercourse contrary to nature.” (Thomson Reuter). They said the police would harass, arrest, and prosecution towards the LGBT because of their sexual orientation or their gender identity. The LGBT would face multiple types of problems in Lebanon transgender women. The Syrian refugees who are would most likely be targeted In Lebanon. Their are Lebanese protesters and activists are willing to provide legal aid and other services to them.The LGBTQ community have faced many challenges but we have solutions that can prevent and help them from discrimination and make them feel like they are outcast of our societies. The first solution that help or prevent the LGBTQ community from being bullied or discriminated is that we should try to accept and care for them no matter what because they need love and care no matter what if it hurts for the family and friends. You have to show you are supportive of the decision they are transitioning to. The second tip to prevent discrimination or bullying against the LGBTQ community would be the parents to teach their kids not to bully anyone who is gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, and queer because it doesn’t feel like the student doesn’t feel accepted or they might have a hard time to make friends in their school.Also, we have to treat them like we care about them and we can try to make them comfortable for them in the school and we don’t want them to feel like a outcast too. A third tip for the helping LGBTQ community is to join their movement because their movement is one of the biggest part of their community. You get to hangout with other people within the group the LGBT community which is really nice. The last tip to help out the LGBT community is to listen to them listen to what they are saying because in our society people don’t seem to know what LGBT or they seem to be confused what the community means. Also, they think the community is a bad and it might scare people. If they listen to what they are saying they will understand what it means.In conclusion, the LGBTQ community had face many different types of challenges from the old days and from our generation. Their group only wants to have equal rights just like everyone else. We shouldn’t bully or discriminate them from their sexual orientation or gender identity. We should accept and support them of what they are. Their community had changed our society of how we look at it today.

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