The Meaning of Gender Equality

Published: 2021-07-13 11:20:06
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Based on the website, gender, the meaning of gender equality itself is when both men and women are enjoying the same rights and opportunities in different kinds of areas in the society. This includes the economics participation and decision-making. Meaning that the different behaviors, aspirations and needs for both men and women are equally well needed. It can be said that the male protagonist of the story- Rhysand- is a feminist. Which proofed to be something good in this story. Because by accepting woman for their true ability and for what they can truly do help immensely. This let woman take important position in his inner circle. In chapter 15 of the second book, Rhysand revealed that his second in command in a woman named Amren, and the position was given to her because Amren truly deserve it. Which can be proven by how she has knowledge that are not known even by Rhysand. In chapter 39, it is seen that Amren is trying to decipher the book that might be the key in them winning the war against Hybern, and that the language itself can only be read by Amren. Gender equality also plays an important role in a relationship.For Feyre, she had found none of those being given to her by Tamlin, while Rhysand had always let her choose, as she had quoted in chapter 19 of the second book. ‘To let me choose. Always- it was always my choice with him these days.’ As Feyre had said about Rhysand presenting her with a choice. Because a strong relationship can only be gained by two people believing in each other’s options. Which later proofed to be an important factor for both Rhysand and Feyre in planning careful steps for the war that is to come. Without equality in a relationship, woman will be treated like animals. Chapter 22 of the second book, showed us Morrigan’s view and what she went through because of what both her parents believed in what woman only be used as. ‘In the Court of Nightmares, females are… prized. Our virginity is guarded, then sold off to the highest bidder- whatever male will be of the most advantage to our families.’ Mor had said. The fact that there are still some woman who agrees to the idea of sitting quietly like a doll, while man do all the work is very saddening. And this might had been because of the culture that had been planted in them from a very long time. Faeries are immortal and ancient beings. With that, time move slowly for them, thus it is hard to lower down these kinds of ill treatment towards women. Thus Morrigan too, fell victim to these old culture. As was proven in the same chapter. It was written, ‘I was born stronger than anyone in the family. Even the males.Every single ruling family in the Hewn City saw me as a prize mare. Saw that power and wanted it bred into their bloodline, over and over again.’. It was Rhysand that had thankfully saved her, despite the damage being done, and thus she became the Third in Command to Rhysand’s inner circle. And she have the right to that position because she was gifted with pure truth, like Feyre had said in chapter 13 of the third book, which the gift was used on Lucien, until she deemed him quite trustable to enter their home (Feyre, Rhysand, and the inner circle). In this part of the essay, the use of gender equality plays an important part in shaping Rhysand’s inner circle. These are proofs on how important the gender equality is. Because without them, Rhysand would not have a strong and trustable inner circle, who offer great knowledge and fought splendidly in the war of the third book. Why some still look down upon gender equality? Rhysand is the strongest High Lord to ever been born in Prythian, but compromising is not a choice for him, especially with six other High Lords leading Prythian. With war coming, only with his legions fighting it, will not be enough, thus compromising became an important part in order to win the war. Yet, Beron is the High Lord of the Autumn Court, and also someone who is not keen on the idea of gender equality. There are several reasons for this. The first reason is the pride males have.By keeping the culture written above for women stays far too long, men will normally develop the pride that say how they are much better in matters of leading the court. With this kind of thought, women are often looked down. Because it is a given that not only Beron will be having these kinds of thoughts. Second is because the females are mostly being objectified by the males in this story. The way females are objectified means that not only are they not noticed, they are also only used when needed. Based on the needs the males have for them. And aside from all that, they expect the females to stay quiet, and sit properly like a doll. Exactly how Beron seemed to make an impression out of the words he spoke (chapter 45 of the third book), ‘Beron threw her a glare that had Kallias tensing. “Wives were invited as a courtesy, not consultants.”’ Third reason, have a very important connection with the first reason, this is the males’ social standing in the Fearie Realm. Males in this story are pictured as someone who will always have the power to do whatever they want, thus when there are new changes that involves females, it is hard to accept them. This might simply be because males are not used to the females changing their lives little by little yet. The power males had can be seen by how every one of the court leading figure in Prythian are males instead of females.It was also said that, not even once, a female had ever have the title of High Lady. Not until Feyre, that is. Gender equality is a change, and a hard one at that. For males to agree in these changes so fast will be something that is demanding. For example, the title High Lady that Rhysand had simply given to Feyre, because he saw her as an equal in every aspects, making her into a deserving erson to hold that title rather than being called a wife, is not easy to be swallowed in by people. Especially males. When the title of High Lady was pulled out for the first time in the High Lord meeting, both the High Lord of Dawn Court (Thesan) and High Lord of Winter Court (Kallias), took Feyre in slowly, assessing her (chapter 43, third book). Yet it was definitely well regarded by the wife Winter Court High Lord, Viviane. The second time it was announced, it was heard by Beron, and Beron curled his lips, looking at her, and her crown, as if he was giving the impression that he was disgusted of the thought of having a High Lady.To Tamlin though, in chapter 44 of the third book, he was definitely surprised when he heard the new information, after he processed them though, he was filled with fury. Which is not connected to any of the reasonings above. But the words he said can be connected to one of the three reasonings. He told Feyre, “You once asked me if you’d be my High Lady, and when I said no…” A low laugh. “Perhaps I underestimated you. Why serve in my court, when you could rule in his?” In his words, we can see how, not even Tamlin ever thought of changing the norms and he too was surprised by it, simply because he get used to the idea that males will always be the first to take every position with power. Once that Tamlin had spoken of in this case was an event that had happened when Feyre was still very much in love with Tamlin, and Tamlin was still very much the him, before what Feyre had said, change. Which add more to Tamlin’s thought, and how males having power is something of everyday occurrences to him.The outcome of these reasonings These reasonings lead to different outcomes, one of the outcome is the fact that females will be looked down upon. Another outcome is the stereotyping that will happen very often, which will be hard for the females if they were to try and proof their point or ability in one area that most males excels in. For instance, the females in the story find it hard to actually do the work that is supposed to be done by males only until recently, even when they should have realized that they need the lessons that are offered. In chapter 26 of the fourth book, ‘Only six of them, and none looking too pleased, but they were there, cringing their way through Devlon’s halfhearted orders and how to handle a dagger.’This phrase shows how even the females are affected by the way gender inequality plays its part. When the reasonings are implanted in a person’s mind for far too long, it may become a culture and that only small amount of people dares to question and not a lot of people dares to take actions or try to change the unfair norm. This leads to both gender thinking that they do not belong in the right place, despite them needing to understand on how to protect themselves. Conclusion In conclusion, the topic gender equality is actually important to the flow of the story. The progress of the story, especially the relationship between Feyre and Rhysand, and even the relationship the characters each have with each other revolves around gender equality. This allows them to take certain actions in the story, or certain title for themselves in the story. The reason for gender inequality that sometimes present in the character in this series may be because of both the social context and the cultural context of the story, such as the social standings the characters have, and the way females are presented since long ago in the series. This gives out the actions or the way each character present or bring themselves.For instance, the way Feyre presents herself as the story goes, she developed her character into a stronger protagonist both physically and mentally. The reason for this is because she was once a human, and time flows faster for human, since humans have shorter life span than the faeries.

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