The Power of Instagram

Published: 2021-07-01 20:25:05
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The Power of Instagram Businesses have the privilege and ability to use the power of Instagram to promote their brand. The popular social media app is more than just posting and scrolling through countless pictures and videos. It can be a strategic tool in public relations and marketing that enables brands to reach their intended market. Businesses can take full advantage of the features that Instagram consistently updates. Brands are able to engage with their consumer audience in various ways. Brands can post Instagram Stories, which help to reach more people and gather more views. Instagram Stories allow brands to create interactive polls for their followers to vote and voice their opinions on certain products or topics. Instagram Stories can be customized and designed with different fonts, stickers and emojis -making it fit to look like an intended aesthetic that may appeal to more people.Instagram Stories are a great way for brands to promote more, without over-posting, because the posts involved throughout the story consist of disappearing content. Users can insert their input by commenting on any single post. Brands also have the ability to respond to comments. Gathering this information and feedback is important for businesses because it can guide brands to see what their customers really personally want, essentially saving time and money. Public relations and marketing on Instagram requires brands to creatively utilize the images and videos that they post. Brands need to be able to maintain visual consistency in order to keep their target audience engaged with the overall account. Their posts should be high quality and professional. Hash tagging is a deliberate sales tactic that contributes to the power of Instagram. A single hashtag can determine who else, besides the brand’s followers, can see and would be interested in the brand’s posts.The tagging feature allows easy access for people to simply tap and be directed straight to the product, person or account that is being promoted. A brand will grow when more people are exposed to the promotions through the tagging feature. This helps the brand and their posts to be shared throughout Instagram and other account’s followers may begin to follow and share as well.Instagram has also launched Instagram TV (IGTV) -allowing longer videos to be played vertically and in full screen. This new and improved design makes it easier for viewers to easily watch videos on their phones without adjusting their screens. Anyone who follows an account automatically subscribes to that IGTV Channel and will be able to see all of the video content posted.The power of Instagram is also expressed through the fast contact that direct messaging allows for. This is a communication tactic where anyone, verified brands specifically, can send a private message directly to another account, or brand in regards to business. It is a great way for customers to have fast access when asking questions or reach out to make a payment when buying a product. Consumers may see a brand’s products being marketed on their account page and express interest.

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