The Truman Show Trapped Freedom

Published: 2021-07-02 23:50:05
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When you feel like you don’t belong, and you feel like that there is something you are not understanding, you tend to look for what’s missing. You change and hear lies that make you believe trapped to something not real. You don’t know anything, but you feel that the freedom you have it not true, you feel trapped. Through the source of irony, The Truman Show shows freedom feels great when you cannot be more trapped. Knowing that he is trapped, the use of dramatic irony makes us look more closely in the ways Truman’s life is controlled.In The Truman Show, the main character Truman played by Jim Carrey, is influenced by the media in which he does not know that most of his actions are being controlled. The town where Truman lives is filled with technology stimulations or as well call it, reality tv. Truman is trapped in his own world and has no idea he is a movie or what we believe, “prison”. Truman is placed to a point where we can identify him and feel his emotions and struggles. We see a world that has him made harm free, safe but then fights to discover the truth and takes a try to escape towards freedom to were he finds that the life that’s expecting him out of his world is the harsh reality.As we all know, feelings tend to be a big factor constructed in the movie. For Truman Burbank, the actors in the film tend to construct scripted feelings, but all of Truman’s feelings are real. The name Truman is also ironic to the film and see the irony behind his first name. He is a “Truman” living in a well contracted fake reality, where all thoughts and movement are real. As we know, Truman was one of the five that was that was abandon at birth and chosen for the movie. In this case, the actors that play his parents are simulated to the change of his life. The outgoing of his childhood and his frame of finding more answers to his strange world, like the “wedding pictures” makes him realize that everything in his life is a lie.Christof, the director filming the Truman Show, indicates that Truman is protected on the Seahaven Island mostly described as a utopia. The reason behind this is because Truman must describe his fears in order to conquer the truth. For example, his phone calls to Fiji and keeping the Sylvia’s sweater hidden are showing the he is afraid of showing his innermost desires and letting people down. However, Truman (Jim Carrey) close to the end of the movie, can overcome all his fears and he knows by doing this he has a chance of figuring out the truth and faces mortality.It’s very ironic how we come to see Truman come through all the obstacles to the very end where Weir never shows the viewers what happens after Truman steps out of the utopia dome. The position of the viewers is shown differently than the actors of the movie and it shows amorality.

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