What Leadership Means to me

Published: 2021-07-14 02:35:07
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There are lots of things that come into my mind if I hear the word “leadership.” Leadership may mean influencing or motivating others to do a certain thing. Leadership may also be related to results. Sometimes, leadership means inspiration to others.For me, being a leader means:There are more characteristics that you should possess being a leader. But for me, the above-mentioned are the top characteristics that you should have to be an effective leader.ContentsFormal leadership is exercised by a person with an authority granted by him by the organization due to the nature of his position. A formal leader is someone who is officially assigned or appointed as the leader of the organization. He exercises the power of the leader because he is tasked to do so. For instance, a president of a company has control over his employees according to the rules and procedures of the company as well as based upon his position.On the other hand, informal leadership is the capacity of a certain individual to influence another even without formal authority. It means that this kind of leadership is not dependent upon formal authority. He has no legitimate control over his peers. An informal leader is not officially appointed as the leader of the organization but he can inspire and motivate others. Even if he is not an official leader, people look up unto him.Nurse managers, for instance, are considered as formal leaders. Nurse managers are responsible for the daily operation of the workplace. They can hire, select, orient, develop, and evaluate nurses. They are also responsible for resource allocation, patient safety, risk management, and financial accountability. They are expected to give direction, guidance, and inspiration not just to nurses, but also to other health care providers.All other nurses in the hospital who are not given the position of a leader may be considered as informal leaders. Not all nurses other than formal leaders are considered as informal leaders though. One may be considered as an informal leader if he possesses a high degree of clinical competency, an expert to the field rather. This person could influence his fellow nurses even if he is not formally granted as the leader of the group.As a nurse, I am also passionate about fire fighting. I have been a fire nurse rescuer. My role is not just to extinguish the fire to help save the property of the people and the environment as well, but I also see to it that I save the lives of those who are in danger. I believe that I manifest the characteristics of an informal leader because this task is capable of influencing others to dedicate their lives not just to save properties, but also to give significance to the lives of people who are at risk especially if they are trapped to a house, building, or establishment on fire.I also experience conducting earthquake and fire drills in our community. Earthquake and fire are life-threatening phenomena that may occur at any time. Sometimes, these are unexpected. Some people tend not to be prepared when these situations happen. But because of these activities, we can give even just basic information on what to do in case of earthquake or fire.

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