Women’s Role in Society and Literature

Published: 2021-07-08 21:00:04
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“The role of a Women in society has always been stereotype and often women follow certain ideal rules. The women’s role in society was to stay home and take care of the children while the husband worked. Men were in charge and owned women as if they were a doll to men. As we know, Women are important in our society. Every woman has their duty in society in which men are still the strongest gender. We could agree that a women’s life is a lot more complicated than a man’s life. Since the 1790s, women argued that they were also human who deserve equal rights and that’s where Feminist Criticism comes in, history of oppression in this case the history of women’s inequality in a man dominate world. In all four of the readings we will be focusing on certain historic period. All of the four readings consist in person against society because each protagonist characterThe time period of the story “The Story of an Hour” takes place in the mid-1800s. This time period tells us; women didn’t have rights at that time as they do now. After reading, we see that author who is a women, she was criticized for she received criticism for how she wrote about women. A woman’s involvement in public controversy produced chaos in her household or this case in society. In the time period women would break in hard times. Leading up to this time women were to stay home and clean the house, take care of the children and their husband. The plot of this story changes the view of the author at the end when her husband walks in, because I was not expecting her to die at the end epically about joy. I thought it was a very sad love story, like Romeo and Juliet. Then I realized she wanted her freedom all along and this was a way for to live the life she had wanted, as an independent woman. I was thinking she is sad about her husband’s loss and then everything changed my mind when she started saying that sometimes she loved him and talked about the society in which she lived and I began to change my mind, she wasn’t upset over his loss she was shocked she was finally free.In the play doll, the author uses Barbie in the poem to symbolize society’s views of what the perfect female should aspire to be. Also, all of the features on the girl I the casket symbolize what girls are expected to be. “A turned-up putty nose,dressed in a pink and white nightie.” (21-22). The putty nose symbolizes the “perfect nose” for a girl, even though it is very unrealistic. The clothes that the girl is in symbolizes “colors that represent purity and femininity, pink and white” (Garland). There are many symbols in the poem that represents societies need for women to be perfect. the author describes the appearance of women at the time.In story“A Doll’s House”, Torvald and Nora each have a unique role in their marriage. Torvald treats Nora as his little doll, while Nora treats him as the man of the house who has the authority to do anything he wants. These ideas form because the society within the play does not allow much freedom for women. According to this society and culture, a women’s role is depicted by the man she is with, the female character’s all exemplify Nora’s assertion that women have to sacrifice a lot more than men.One specific characteristic of the house that symbolizes not only her potential but also her trapped feeling is the window. Traditionally this symbol represents a view of possibilities, but now it also becomes a view to what she does not want to see. Through it she sees all that she could be and everything that she could have. But she says near the end, “”I don’t like to look out of the windows even – there are so many of those creeping women, and they creep so fast.”” She knows that she has to hide and lie low; she has to creep in order to be a part of society and she does not want to see all the other women who have to do the same because she knows they are a reflection of herself. American society at the time was oppressive toward women and that it was dangerous for women to fight back. She establishes a female narrator that is oppressed literally and symbolically by the men in her life and the society she lives in. This oppression causes the narrator, who is suffering from what is probably a post-partum depression, to sink lower and lower into the depths of insanity. Her cries for help go unheeded by her husbandAs we see on all of the four readings and the history of women where the world is dominating by men, a woman has to take care of her own personal life and if she is a mother. Marriage women have lots of worries and believe it, they carry out a more stressful life than marriage men. Men expects women to do everything for them. In my opinion is that women were, by definition, private; that is, they had no appropriate public role, except perhaps sacrificing their personal possessions for the common good. They were to maintain social order, all women had to focus on households, remaining neutral in politics while glorying in their freedom from responsibilities to the public. Women who dared to venture into the public realm were literally called unsexed because they were stepping outside the natural boundaries of the domestic sphere into the broadly expansive province of men, basically people thought they are violated not just cultural and social but biological norms.”

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